Twitch Danmaku Chrome Extension

Why you should use it.

Danmaku is original from the Japanese ACG video website, niconico. This is a way to display chat messages on video player. Danmaku is also popular in China, lots Chinese video and streaming websites have it. However, I found Danmaku is not even exist in most western websites. This is a really fun way to watch people's chat messages, and more important is that you can watch them when you are watching in full-screen mode. Try it, you will love it.

How to install

How to use it

This extension will automatically run when you in a twitch channel. The extension icon will light up when is running. (try reload the page if it is not running by very first time :D)
After this extension successful loaded up, a toggle button will appear right below the streaming play. You can toggle danmaku by click this button.
By default, the danmaku color is same as each user's preference color of username. I call this colorful mode. In contrast, it has single color mode. To switch mode, just go click on the extension icon, then in the popup there is a switch. In single color mode, you can choose the color you like.
Preview for single color mode:
preview white


This extension is totally free, after you try if you like it, a coffee donation will be really appreciate it. The donation link is in the popup.

Please leave a comment if you got any questions.